Disrupting Venture Capital with the Blockchain

The SPiCE Liquid VC Token sale is now OPEN.
Making investments in venture capital liquid from day one, instead of after 7-10 years!

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Why Venture Capital?

VCs invest in startups that disrupt industries and reinvent the world we live in, generating billions of dollars.

The biggest limitation of VC funds is their illiquidity. Until now investing in a VC fund meant “freezing” your money for 7-10 years.

For that reason, investing in the most exciting (and risky) stage of tech startups was blocked for most private investors, and even financial institutions could only dedicate a fraction of investments to it.

Enter the Blockchain

SPiCE VC is eliminating the illiquidity problem by issuing digital security tokens to its investors, which are tradable from day one.

The tokens are regulation-compliant, and will entitle holders to 100% of net exits, just like traditional VC funds - only liquid.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the way venture capital is raised and managed with SPiCE VC, a liquid tokenized fund.

From the world of Blockchain we bring:

  • Making VC investments liquid: no more 7-10 year lockups.
  • Making VC investments inclusive: opening up to pre-qualified investors (per country regulations), investing in fiat or cryptocurrencies.
  • A powerful model for investing in pre token sale startups, with VC-grade due diligence, and getting the best terms in the token sales.

From the world of Venture Capital we bring:

  • Robust investment process and due diligence by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Diversification outside crypto, into equity investments across the hottest tech sectors such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, cyber security, etc.
  • Backing tokens by assets, shielding them from market volatility.

Investment Thesis

Investing in amazing pre-series-A and pre-token sale startups in the hottest tech sectors.

We have identified a huge gap, which developed in the last few years in the tech ecosystem.

On one hand, it has become easier for new startups to raise first money for “A team & A dream” from micro funds, thousands of angels, and hundreds of incubators.

On the other hand, the next step up the ladder - series A rounds, have grown in size, and so have the milestones that startups must achieve to secure them.

In this growing gap, are hundreds of startups every year, some with amazing teams and products - which need that last push to reach their next funding milestones.

It's all about crossing the chasm.

Companies that successfully cross the gap, by either raising a round, or launching a successful token sale, see the fastest growth in valuation and are best positioned for long term success.

We have built an investment algorithm and a set of filters to find companies in the gap that are most likely to reach that next stage. We will fund them, and help them close that series A round, or launch a successful token sale.

For full details and analysis, please read our White Paper.

Upcoming Events

Come say hello at the upcoming events around the world

Gitex Technology Week
October 8th-12th
Santa Monica Block-Con 2017
October 10th-11th
Santa Monica
Blockchain Summit Amsterdam
October 17th
UPRISE Festival
October 26th
Devcon 3 Cancun
November 1st-4th
Finovate Asia
November 6th-8th
Hong Kong
Blockchain Conference Moscow
November 15th-16th
Singapore Fintech Festival
November 13th-17th
SPiCE VC London Meetup
November 21th
Business Angel Association Conference
November 22th-23th
Weblogs Conference
November 22th-23th
Invest 2017
November 28th
New York
December 1st


SPiCE was founded by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives.

Carlos Domingo
Carlos Domingo - Managing Partner
Former CEO of Telefonica R&D and VC Investor

CEO of Telefonica R&D, New Business and Innovation Telefonica Digital, Extensis, Lizardtech and Celartem; Founder (Wayra, Sling Ventures, Dubai Angel Investors), venture partner at THCAP; Angel investor (Startupxplorer, Novicap, Blinkfire, Chicfy, Ulabox, Chicisimo, etc.) LinkedIn

Tal Elyashiv - Managing Partner
Former CIO at Capital One, Bank of America and angel investor

CIO at Bank of America; CIO at Capital One; CTO & Head of New Businesses at 888; COO at BondDesk; Founder and CEO (Navion, Exactor, Yallo);
Angel investor and board member (Humavox, 365Scores, Zoomd, Exactor, Jobookit, Mobilus, etc.) LinkedIn

Ami Ben David
Ami Ben David - Managing Partner
Serial entrepreneur and product innovator

Founder and head of Product and Marketing at Everything.me, Ki-Bi Mobile [IPO], AladdinSoft (product sold to NASDAQ: MGIC); Founder and CEO of WorkGroup; VP Investment, Magma Venture Fund; SVP Europe and Asia at Oberon media.

Vicenç Marti
Vicenç Marti - Venture Partner
Serial entrepreneur and company builder.

President of Tangelo Games, a leading publicly quoted social gaming company, President of Billy Mobile, a mobile adtech innovative company in Barcelona, Strategic Advisor to elrow, the absolute leader in electronic music events around the world.


SPiCE is honored to have some of the world's leading tech and blockchain experts as our advisors.

Brendan Eich
Brendan Eich
Inventor of Javascript, Founder of Mozilla, Brave

Brendan is the inventor of popular programming language JavaScript, co-founder of Mozilla, a pioneer of the open source movement, and more recently the founder and CEO of Brave, which famously completed a $35M token sale for the Basic Attention Token in 30 seconds. LinkedIn

Eyal Hertzog
Eyal Hertzog
Co-founder and architect of Bancor

Eyal is a pioneer, visionary, and passionate advocate of the blockchain movement. Eyal is a co-founder and the architect of Bancor, the token liquidity protocol (used by SPiCE VC), which raised $150M in a token sale to develop the Bancor platform. Prior to Bancor Eyal was the co-founder and president of MetaCafe, the video sharing platform. LinkedIn

Loic Le Meur
Loic Le Meur
Co-founder of Le-web and Leading investor

Named one of "Europe's Tech25" by the WSJ, Loic co-founded Le-Web, one of the largest European tech events. He is a serial entrepreneur currently working on his new startup Leade.rs, after he founded and sold 4 startups. He is also an active business angel who invested in companies such as LinkedIn, Evernote and Lending Club. LinkedIn


SPiCE has partnered up with the top players in the market

Allen & Overy
Cavenham Capital
Bride Valley Partners