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Venture Capital is moving to the Blockchain!

Tokenization will disrupt the ownership of trillions of dollars worth of funds, companies and assets. SPiCE VC is leading this revolution.


Our Vision

ICOs are already disrupting the world of investments, but we believe what we’ve seen so far is the tip of the iceberg. The real revolution comes when ICOs are backed by real assets – with tokenized securities.

Tokenized securities replace paper-certificates with tokens on the blockchain as a proof of ownership. They utilize blockchain technology to deliver substantial advantages, including:


Bringing liquidity to otherwise completely illiquid markets.


Bringing inclusivity and scale to markets that were effectively wall gardened.


Delivering massive cost savings to our investors. Invest and save costs!


Enabling completely new ownership models with smart contracts.

Regulation compliance

Meeting all existing regulations for securities.

Why we are tokenized

To prove our vision, we started by tokenizing ourselves, because you can only lead a revolution by actually experiencing what you preach.

SPiCE VC is a fully regulation-compliant tokenized fund, where token holders are entitled to the full net revenues of future exits.

This means investors in SPiCE are free to trade their tokens from day one (subject to regulatory requirements), as opposed to the effective lock-up of 7-12 years that is imposed on investors in almost all traditional VCs.

This is the power of tokenization – a market which was locked for years, suddenly becomes liquid.

The Spice Approach

To revolutionize the way venture capital is raised and managed with SPiCE VC, a liquid tokenized fund.

Investment Thesis

Investment Focus

We are passionate about the blockchain, quality ICOs and in particular, security tokens:

1. We have access to the best investment opportunities in tokenized projects at the earliest stages.

2. We are interested in security token infrastructure like:

Primary and secondary issuing and trading platforms

Tokenization protocols

Financial, banking, marketing, management and operations solutions

Automated legal, compliance and regulatory solutions

3. Powerful utilization of the blockchain to disrupt industries.

For full details and analysis, please read our vision presentation:

Our vision

When we come in

We have identified a huge gap, which developed in the last few years in the tech ecosystem.

Companies that successfully cross the gap, see the fastest growth in valuation and are best positioned for long term success. In this growing gap are hundreds of startups every year, some with amazing teams and products - which need that last push to reach their next funding milestones.

For full details and analysis, please read our White Paper:

Read the white paper


SPiCE is still raising, but already active.

Tokenizing ownership

Securitize is offering a turnkey solution to enable funds, companies and assets to conduct a globally regulation-compliant security token sale. Several clients of Securitize are launching major projects Jan 2018… news to follow soon.

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Spice in the news

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To revolutionize the way venture capital is raised and managed with SPiCE VC, a liquid tokenized fund.

Carlos Domingo

Managing Partner

Former CEO of Telefonica R&D and VC Investor

CEO of Telefonica R&D, New Business and Innovation Telefonica Digital, Extensis, Lizardtech and Celartem; Founder (Wayra, Sling Ventures, Dubai Angel Investors), venture partner at THCAP; Angel investor (Startupxplorer, Novicap, Blinkfire, Chicfy, Ulabox, etc.)

Tal Elyashiv

Managing Partner

Former CIO at Capital One, Bank of America and angel investor

CIO at Bank of America; CIO at Capital One; CTO & Head of New Businesses at 888; COO at BondDesk; Founder and CEO (Navion, Exactor, Yallo); Angel investor and board member (Humavox, 365Scores, Zoomd, Exactor, Jobookit, Mobilus, etc.)

Ami Ben David

Managing Partner

Serial entrepreneur and product innovator

Founder and head of Product and Marketing at, Ki-Bi Mobile [IPO], AladdinSoft (product sold to NASDAQ: MGIC); Founder and CEO of WorkGroup; VP Investment, Magma Venture Fund; SVP Europe and Asia at Oberon media.

Vincenc marti

Venture Partner

Serial entrepreneur and company builder

President of Tangelo Games, a leading publicly quoted social gaming company, President of Billy Mobile, a mobile adtech innovative company in Barcelona, Strategic Advisor to elrow, the absolute leader in electronic music events around the world.


SPiCE is honored to have some of the world's leading tech and blockchain experts as our advisors:

Brendan Eich

Inventor of Javascript, Founder of Mozilla, Brave

Brendan is the inventor of popular programming language JavaScript, co-founder of Mozilla, a pioneer of the open source movement, and more recently the founder and CEO of Brave, which famously completed a $35M token sale for the Basic Attention Token in 30 seconds.

Eyal Herzog

Co-founder and architect of Bancor

Eyal is a pioneer, visionary, and passionate advocate of the blockchain movement. Eyal is a co-founder and the architect of Bancor, the token liquidity protocol (used by SPiCE VC), which raised $150M in a token sale to develop the Bancor platform. Prior to Bancor Eyal was the co-founder and president of MetaCafe, the video sharing platform.

Loic Le Meur

Co-founder of Le-web and Leading investor

Named one of "Europe's Tech25" by the WSJ, Loic co-founded Le-Web, one of the largest European tech events. He is a serial entrepreneur currently working on his new startup, after he founded and sold 4 startups. He is also an active business angel who invested in companies such as LinkedIn, Evernote and Lending Club.

Nimrod Lehavi

Co-Founder & CEO of Simplex

Nimrod is a hacker, maker, bookworm, geek and serial entrepreneur. With over two decades of experience in Israel's start-up sector, Nimrod is well respected for leading large-scale software projects that catalyze profound change. Nimrod is a Board Member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association, and holds a BA in computer Science from IDC Herzliya, Israel.


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